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Chapter 24: Doubt to the Very End

Marcel Bruyns

TROS National TV, Netherlands

I first of all want to bring you the love of your commune in Holland.
As this is film, not video, we have to change the magazine every ten minutes, but since this interview will not be as long as you are accustomed to, maybe we will only have to change it once.

That’s up to you. How many questions do you have?

It depends on the length of your answers, Osho.

No, that’s why I am asking how many questions, because my answers’ length will depend on the number of questions.

I would love to ask you not to give too-long answers, so that this can be conversation - and not a lecture like you give every day.

Don’t be worried about that.

I was impressed when I attended it yesterday.

Just ask me.

I wanted to ask you first about your health. How are you doing?

Just great.

Your disciples are laughing in the background; why do you think they laugh?

Just my presence is enough for them to laugh, rejoice, sing, dance. I am here.

How does it feel to be the master of half a million people around the world?

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