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Chapter 39: Growing Up Comes by Itself

He said, “I’m feeling great peace.”

The Sufi said, “That’s what I was telling you. If you are ready, I can give you peace immediately. Have you got it?”

He said, “I have got it!”

“Never again ask anybody about it!” You have started taking for granted all your riches. I gave you a chance to lose them, and suddenly you became what you really are - a beggar. And these very precious stones which have lost their value to you are again precious.” But it happens. The people who live in palaces start taking those palaces for granted; the people who are rich never think about the miseries of poverty. The people who have got a master start taking him for granted - that there is nothing to be done; you only have to ask the question and your master is there to answer it.

But my answers cannot be of any help.

My answers are only a provocation and an invitation, a challenge to work through the misery and the darkness towards the dawn, towards light.

I can show you the way, but I cannot walk for you.

And if you start taking me for granted, then don’t be miserable; take your misery also for granted. Accept that you are a miserable person, that it is your destiny. You don’t take your misery for granted, but you can take your master for granted. You don’t take your problems for granted, but you take my answers for granted.

So you have to be clear, very clear. In your whole question, only your last line is true, and authentic: “As a way to avoid stepping into myself, I have started taking you for granted.”

It is a very easy way to ask a question, to get an answer, and out of the answer, make a few more questions for tomorrow.and you remain the same. My answers are remedies; they are medicinal. You have not just to create more questions out of them; you have to make an effort to live those answers. Out of living those answers, your questions will disappear.

And my answers are simple. I am not requiring you to grow into some self-torturing saint; I am not asking you for any ascetic disciplines. I am simply asking you to relax, to trust existence, to find a few moments of silence and peace which are absolutely available to everybody - whoever closes his eyes, relaxes his body, sits silently.

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