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Chapter 5: A Play with the Devil

The six-year-old Luigino comes back from school where he has learned three new words without knowing their meaning, so he asks his mother, “Mom, what do prick, puss and balls mean?”

The mother, extremely embarrassed, answers, “Well, dear, prick means cheese, puss means chair, and balls mean boots.”

After a few days the grandmother, a pious, prudish,country lady, visits her daughter and nephew. She rings the bell and Luigino opens the door. The old woman hugs the child and Luigino, proud of his new vocabulary, says, “Granny, you must be tired. Sit down on this puss.” The woman almost faints, but Luigino goes on without hesitating. “And if you are hungry eat this piece of prick.”

Shocked and horrified the grandmother finally asks, “Luigino, where is your mum?”

“Ah, she is in the room polishing daddy’s balls!”

Enough for today.