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Chapter 31: Look into My Eyes for the Shortest Answer

So neither before nor after.. Enlightenment is a very individual song - always unknown, always new, always unique. It comes never as a repetition. So never compare two enlightened persons, otherwise you are bound to do unjustice with one or the other, or both.

And don’t have any fixed idea. Just very liquid qualities should be remembered. I say liquid qualities, not very determinate* qualifications.

For example, every enlightened person will have a deep silence - almost tangible. In his presence, those who are open, receptive, will become silent. He will have a tremendous contentment, whatever happens makes no difference to his contentment.

He will not have any question left, all questions have dissolved - not that he knows all answers, but all questions have dissolved. And in that state of utter silence, no-mind, he is capable of answering any question with tremendous profundity. It needs no preparation. He himself does not know what he is going to say, it comes spontaneously; sometimes he himself is surprised. But that does not mean that he has answers inside himself, ready-made.

He has no answers at all. He has no questions at all. He has just a clarity, a light that can be focused on any question, and all the implications of the question, and all the possibilities of its being answered, suddenly become clear.

So you may find sometimes you ask something, and the enlightened man answers something else. That happens because you are not aware of the implications of your own question. He does not answer only your words. He answers you ! He answers the mind which has produced the question.

So many times his question and the answer may look not meeting, but they certainly meet. Just you will have to dig a little deeper into the question, and you will find that that’s exactly was the question. It will happen many times that you will understand your question for the first time when it has been answered, because you were not aware that dimension, you were not aware of your own mind, your own unconscious from where those words have come.

But the enlightened man has no answers, no scriptures, no quotation marks. He is simply available; just like a mirror, he responds, and he responds with intensity and totality.

So these are liquid qualities, not qualifications. So don’t look on small things, that what he eats, what he wears, where he lives - those are all irrelevant. Just watch for his love, for his compassion, for his trust. Even if you take advantage of his trust, that does not change his trust. Even if you misuse his compassion, cheat his love, that does not make any difference. That is your problem. His trust, his compassion, his love remains just the same.

His only effort in life will be how to make people awake. Whatever he does, this is the only purpose behind every act: how to make more and more people awake, because through awaking he has come to know the ultimate bliss of life. Okay.