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Chapter 11: Beliefs Are Lies

The enlightened person also seeks the other just as the unenlightened person seeks, but there is a qualitative difference. The unenlightened person seeks the other because he feels a negative nothingness in him. Left alone he does not feel aloneness, he feels loneliness.

Remember, loneliness and aloneness are not synonymous, notwithstanding what the dictionaries go on saying. It is not a question of language; it is something existential. Loneliness is negative - you are missing something. Aloneness is positive - you have found something.

The unenlightened seeks the other because it is his need; he is needy and greedy. He grabs the other, he clings to the other. He is always afraid the other may leave. Husbands are afraid, wives are afraid, parents are afraid, children are afraid, everybody is afraid. Even your so-called religious teachers are afraid their disciples may leave them, so they have to concede and compromise with the disciples. Can you see the irony of it?

Jaina monks send messages to me saying, “We want to see you, but we cannot because our followers don’t allow it. They become angry, they become antagonistic.” Now the teachers are afraid of the followers! What kind of teachers are these? They need the follower because without the follower they are nobody - and that is power in the hands of the follower. The follower really dictates the rules. He says, “Do this, say this, behave like this - only then am I going to respect you. Of course I will respect you if you follow all the rules prescribed by me.” It is a contract.

The so-called religious leaders go on following their own followers and the followers, of course, in return pay great homage, respect. Both are satisfied. The follower needs somebody whom he can follow and the leader needs somebody to follow him. Both are fulfilling each other’s needs, but both are dependent; both are clinging, possessive.

Just the other day I was reading a statement.a Christian organization in England has asked Sheldon Press - because Sheldon Press belongs to that Christian association, it is one of the branches of the association - why they have published my books. Sheldon Press has published seven of my books; the director seems to have fallen in love with me. The director has replied, “We have published the books because they are beautiful, and we have published the books because they come closest to the teachings of Jesus.” But the head of the association and the members who possess the association are very angry; they may even throw this Sheldon Press director out of his job.

They have asked one of my sannyasins who is a chaplain at Cambridge University, “Why do you, being a priest, a Christian priest, go on wearing orange?” And Dynamic Meditation is being done in the church! They have asked for an explanation; naturally they are afraid.

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