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Chapter 18: Love the Only Freedom from Attachment

Love is universal. Love does not invite only a few people to celebrate, love invites the stars and the suns and the flowers and the birds; the whole existence is welcome to celebrate.

Love does not need anything else - a night full of stars, what more can you ask for? Just a few friends.and the whole universe is friendly. I have never come across a tree who was against me. I have been to many mountains, but I have never found any mountain antagonistic. The whole existence is very friendly.

Once your own understanding of love blossoms there is no question of attachment at all. You can go on changing your partners, that does not mean you are deserting anybody. You may come back again to the same partner, there is no question of any prejudice.

Man should understand himself just like a child playing on the sea beach, collecting sea shells, colored stones, and immensely enjoying, as if he has found a great treasure. If a man can enjoy small things of life, can live in freedom and can allow others to live in freedom, this whole world can become a totally different kind of world. Then it will have a quality of beauty, grace; it will have great luminosity, every heart on fire.

But as the world is, you look at people, their fire.Now, Devapria’s fire once burned three years ago. Now it is not certain whether it burned or she imagined it - because if it burned three years before, what have you been doing for three years? Once you know the fire, the flames go on growing. Flames of love grow just like trees grow; flames of love bring flowers and fruits just as trees bring.

But what you think is love is not love. That’s why such strange experiences happen. Three years ago somebody must have said to you, “How beautiful you look! I love you so much, there is no woman like you in the whole universe.” And you never objected that “You have no right to say such things, because you don’t know all the women of the whole universe.” When such beautiful things are said, one forgets completely the irrationality of them.

And you have not asked the person who said to you, “I love you” - “What is love? do you know, or without knowing what love is have you started loving? What are your reasons?” That man would have looked very weird and would have tried to escape as soon as possible, because lovers don’t think that when you say to somebody, “Sweetheart” you will have to give explanations: “What do you mean by it? Have you ever eaten a heart - ‘sweetheart’? What do you mean by it? Do you think I am a delicious sweet, some beautiful, eatable thing?”

People in love say to each other, “I want to eat you,” and nobody objects - are you a cannibal or something?

These things people learn from films, from novels - all these dialogues and they don’t mean anything. They simply mean, “Just come to the bed!” But because we are civilized people, without making some introductory remarks, a little preface, you cannot say directly to someone, “Let us go to the bed.” She will run to the police station to report, “This man is saying something very ugly to me.”

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