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Chapter 5: Love Gives Your Legs a Dance

When we create fiction, we have to create the anti-fiction. Christians talk about the coming of the Antichrist. In the first place, Christ was an uneducated, poor fellow, a little whimsical: riding on his donkey, preaching to a few idiots - who are always available. And in his whole life, he could only find twelve followers. But Christians had to create the idea of Antichrist. Then only, Jesus becomes a real Christ, a real savior: he will save you from the Antichrist.

Two thousand years have passed. Nobody has encountered any Antichrist. Many have been condemned by Christianity as Antichrist, but just by your condemnation you are fulfilling your desire to make Christ a reality.

I was amazed to receive a letter from the president of the Nazi party who believes that Adolf Hitler is the reincarnation of an Old Testament prophet, Elijah. He wrote to me saying, “You have been speaking again and again against Adolf Hitler. Perhaps you don’t know that he is a very religious person; he is the reincarnation of the Old Testament prophet Elijah. Please stop speaking against him.”

I told my secretary to write to him and say, “I will continue whatever I want to do. Nobody can dictate to me but I can see that you are utterly stupid: Elijah in the Old Testament was a Jew, and a Jew and Adolf Hitler.Can you imagine how many Jews he killed? - six million. A great reincarnation of Elijah the Jewish prophet killing Jews.” Seeing the point, he has not replied to me that it’s true.

But you can find idiots who even think that Adolf Hitler is a religious man. And there is nothing in his life to make him religious. You have to go back to the rotten Old Testament to find a figure that nobody remembers, Elijah - and he becomes the incarnation. If he had been the incarnation of Elijah then he would have killed all the Germans and not the Jews.

And what was his reason for killing the Jews? - that the Jews are the cause of all misery and suffering in the world. A strange cause, because here almost half of you are Jews, and I don’t think any Jew is creating suffering or misery for anybody. I have found them the nicest people.

I am reminded.

A rabbi was on his morning walk and he came across Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler said to him, “Rabbi, do you agree with me or not?”

The rabbi said, “I agree absolutely with you. The world is miserable, in suffering because people are using bicycles. Just destroy all bicycles and you will see the whole world becoming a paradise.”

It is the same.it is arising again. Anando brought me news from Japan. In Japan there are not many Jews, but two very important books have appeared - and are being sold on a great scale - which say that the world is going towards destruction because of a Jewish conspiracy.

It is strange.. And man can be convinced by any stupid idea.

One old Jew was dying and his wife said to him, “Pray to God your last prayer.”

He said, “Yes, I am praying. I was praying silently, but now I will pray openly so that you can all hear: ‘God, you have chosen the Jews as your people. Now it is time you chose somebody else; we have suffered enough.’“

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