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Chapter 8: Life Lives for Itself

“The days of life ahead, if any, are so unknown and unpredictable. These days a deep feeling is arising in me that one has to just live the remaining years of life.” “Just live?” Then your life will become a boredom. And you may interpret that this is a religious life; this is not. A bored man is not a religious man. A blissful man is a religious man.

But I know, many bored people have pretended to be religious. Many people who were impotent in life - uncreative, were not capable of any happiness - have turned against life, have become life-negative. And they have created a long tradition of condemning life, of saying that it is worthless, that there is no meaning in it, that it is just accidental, that it is a chaos: “Drop out of it, destroy it.” These people you have called mahatmas; you have called them great saints. They were simply neurotic. They needed medical care. They needed to be hospitalized. Ninety-nine percent of your so-called saints are perverted, but they are hiding their perversion in such terms that you cannot see the point.

In Aesop there is a fable:

A fox is trying to jump to get grapes. They are ripe and alluring, and their smell is making the fox almost crazy, but the bunch of grapes is too far away. The fox tries and tries, fails, cannot reach.. Then she looks around - has somebody seen the failure?

A small hare is hiding under a bush, and he says, “Auntie, what has happened? You couldn’t reach them?”

She says, “No, that’s not the point. The grapes are not ripe yet; they are sour.”

This is what you have known as religion up to now - “The grapes are sour” - because these people could not get to them, could not reach.. These people were failures.

Religion has nothing to do with failure. It is a fulfillment, a fruition, a flowering, a matrix, a climax, a peak. Abraham Maslow is right when he says that religion is concerned with “peak experiences.”

But look at your religious people in the churches, in the monasteries, in the temples: fed up, bored, long faces, just waiting for death to come and “deliver” them. Antilife, against life, fanatically against life, and wherever they see any sign of life, they jump upon it to kill and destroy it. They will not allow you to laugh in the church, they will not allow you to dance in the church, because any sign of life and they become troubled - because any sign of life and they become aware that they have missed it, they could not reach it.

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