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Chapter 3: Non-Doing through Doing

Meditation is always passive; the very essence of it is passive. It cannot be active because the very nature of it is non-doing. If you are doing something, your very doing disturbs the whole thing; your very doing, your very “activeness,” creates the disturbance.

Non-doing is meditation, but when I say non-doing is meditation I do not mean that you need not do anything. Even to achieve this non-doing, one has to do much. But this doing is not meditation. It is only a stepping stone, only a jumping board. All “doing” is just a jumping board, not meditation.

You are just on the door, on the steps.. The door is non-doing, but to reach the non-doing state of mind one has to do much. But one should not confuse this doing with meditation.

Life energy works in contradictions. Life exists as a dialectic: it is not a simple movement. It is not flowing like a river, it is dialectical. With each move life creates its own opposite and through the struggle with the opposite, it moves forward. With each new movement the thesis creates the antithesis. And this goes on continuously: thesis creating antithesis, being merged with antithesis, and becoming a synthesis that then becomes the new thesis; then again, there is the antithesis.

By a dialectical movement, I mean it is not a simple straight movement; it is a movement divided unto itself, dividing itself, creating the opposite, then meeting with the opposite again. Then, again, dividing into the opposite. And the same thing applies to meditation, because it is the deepest thing in life.

If I say to you, “Just relax,” it is impossible because you do not know what to do. So many pseudo teachers of relaxation continue saying, “Just relax. Don’t do anything; just relax.” Then what are you going to do? You can just lie down, but that is not relaxation. The whole inner turmoil remains, and now a new conflict is there - to relax. Something over and above is added. The whole nonsense is there, the whole turmoil is there, with something added - to relax. A new tension is now added to all the old tensions.

So a person who is trying to live a relaxed life is the most tense person possible. He is bound to be because he has not understood the dialectical flow of life. He is thinking that life is a straight flow; you can just tell yourself to relax and you will relax.

It is not possible. So if you come to me, I will never tell you to just relax. First be tense, as utterly tense as possible. Be tense totally! First let your complete organism be tense, and go on being tense to the optimum, to your fullest possibility. And then, suddenly, you will feel a relaxation setting in. You have done whatsoever you could do, now the life energy will create the opposite.

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