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Chapter 27: Just Being

I said, “If you are that much alert, nobody can drive you crazy. Just remember one thing: whatever you want to become, don’t move from that position - no compromise. Insist that this is what you want to become.”

And he asked a fundamental question: “But I don’t know exactly what I want to become.”

I said, “That is very easy to find, because in fact the whole idea of becoming is the idea of creating a false personality. You are a being, you are already where you want to be. This is the time - this childhood is the most precious time - when you can be silent, when you can be inside yourself more easily because there are not many obstructions, many thoughts, businesses, problems, anxieties, worries.”

It is so easy for a child to move into meditation, but no society up to now has made it a point that every child should be introduced first to meditation, and then left to his own understanding, what he starts feeling, what he is. Then that isness, that being, goes on growing, flowering, becomes fruitful.

But a strange calamity has happened to humanity, and the calamity is that people who love you without an understanding at all - but with all good intentions - try to make something out of you. They don’t see the point that you are already your being, and your being has to grow according to its own spontaneity.

If they really love with awareness and alertness, then they will support whatever you want to become - even if you want just to become a musician or a painter or a dancer or a flute-player, with not much chance of becoming world-famous, not much chance of leaving your name written in golden letters in the history books. I have simply heard about this.I have looked in many history books, and I have not seen anybody’s name written in golden letters. Once a man is dead, who cares? Certainly, if the dead men were writing history they would write at least their names in golden letters.

Think how many millions of people have lived before you and disappeared into thin air without leaving any trace. They were all trying hard to be somebody and they were all miserable; they all lived a life of tremendous anguish. Once you want to become somebody.that is not natural to you, you are creating a great tension that will follow you your whole life like a shadow. And as days pass the tension will become bigger and bigger.

People ask me, “How can we live a life without tensions?” One of the education ministers used to come to me because he was so tense, so worried.and somebody suggested to him that he should see me. He told me, “I want to get rid of all these worries and tensions.”

I said, “That is not difficult. But remember, then you cannot be the chief minister.”

He said, “Why?”

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