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Chapter 16: To Be Natural Is Beautiful

I was having difficulty the first day as my left eye became very bloodshot, but after that it was good. I became more and more unidentified with my mind. I’ve also released some anger. I screamed a few times and released some of that anxiety in the pit of my stomach.

Sometimes it happens that if you release anger, your eyes can be affected. Exactly at the same time as you become very angry, they become bloodshot. Only one eye became bloodshot; that means that only one part of the mind, the right side, carries anger. If the right-side mind carries anger then the left eye will become bloodshot - but that is a good sign. It shows that the anger has been released.

If you can release anger, anxiety is automatically released. In fact anxiety is nothing but a social by-product because you are not allowed to be angry. When you want to be angry, you cannot; when you want to be loving, you can’t be; when you want to dance or cry or laugh, you cannot - and that creates the anxiety.

Anxiety is absolutely human. No animal is ever in anxiety. When you are feeling afraid and you would like to escape from a situation, you cannot because it won’t be “manly,” so you fight. Animals never do that. First they have a mock fight to judge who is the stronger, because if it can be solved that way, why unnecessarily fight? They are more intelligent than human beings.

Then one dog realizes that the other is stronger, so he simply pulls down his tail and escapes. Nobody is going to say that he is a coward. In fact he is intelligent, simply intelligent.

But when fear arises in you, you cannot accept it; you go on denying it - hence anxiety. Whenever you fight anything natural, anxiety arises. So try to accept the natural more and more, try to be more natural. In fact, try to be more like an animal. Religions have corrupted humanity because they have been teaching men to become like angels, and when you try to become like angels you fall even below animals. Become more and more natural like animals, and suddenly you will find that in your spontaneity you have become an angel.

Because of your religious training, you have created much anxiety for yourself. Once you understand, it will be released.

There is a saying of Chuang Tzu: Easy is right. It is profoundly true. Uneasy is wrong, easy is right. So become more and more like a child, like an animal. Animals have a tremendous beauty that human beings have lost. Nothing has been gained, just anxiety and madness and a thousand and one neuroses.

Drop all unnatural ideals. If you can accept yourself as you are, anxiety disappears. That’s my whole teaching - to accept oneself as one is. Don’t go on top-dogging yourself. If there is a fight between the top dog and the lower nature - what religions have called lower - then never listen to the top dog because that is the ego. Always listen to nature and always move with it.

This experience has been good but much more has to be done.

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