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Chapter 22: Accept Yourself as You Are


I felt some anxiety before doing the group.

How did you feel during and after the group?

I went to the very depths of sadness. But I feel it has been good on the whole - the process has diffused a lot of things.

Mm, you are looking very calm and quiet.

In fact anxieties never come true, and we waste our lives thinking about them. Ninety percent of one’s fears never actualize. That’s why I asked if these anxieties were before the group or in it, because you could flow - so the whole anxiety was baseless. Let that become an integrated understanding in you, so that next time, or whenever you are moving into a new thing, don’t start the anxiety again.

All anxieties are useless because the future is unknown. It never comes according to your expectations or fears. It has its own way of coming, and it doesn’t ask you, so why be unnecessarily worried?

Wait, and when it comes, see(whatsoever you can do, do. Everybody is capable of doing things when they are needed. Life sends you absolutely prepared for any situation that is possible.

You could flow, and when you flow never ask only for highs because that is patent foolishness. If you ask only for highs, then where will the depths go? If you ask only for happiness and you are afraid of sadness, then how can you flow?

Flow means going into the depths, but going so totally that there is no resistance. Flow means going to the height, but going so totally that there is no clinging. Flow means always remaining free to move: moving with life wherever it leads, whatsoever its unknown goal. Once you start fixing your goal against life, then you are not flowing.

If life wants you to be sad, be sad - life knows more. If life wants you to weep and cry, then weep and cry - life knows more. Don’t start trying to be more clever than life itself; that is the human stupidity. Just flow with it. Be like a small child who is following his father. Maybe the father is afraid of where he is going, but the child is happy and singing, because he knows the father is with him and knows where they are going.

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