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Chapter 1: Medicine and Meditation

Disease can also originate from the other end. Actually, because of the state man is in, diseases are already present there, because of the state man is in, there is a lot of tension inside him. I have already said that no other animal is dis-eased in this manner, is restless in this manner, is in such a tension - and there is a reason for this. No other animal’s mind has this idea of “becoming.” A dog is a dog; it does not have to become one. But a man has to become man, he is not one already. That is why we cannot say to a dog that he is a little less than a dog. All dogs are equally dogs. But in the case of man, we can reasonably say him that he is a little less of a man. Man is never born in his completeness.

Man is born in an incomplete state. All other animals are born in their completeness. It is not so with man. There are certain things he will have to do in order to become complete. This state of incompleteness is his disease. That is why man is troubled twenty-four hours a day. It is not - as we commonly think - that only a poor man is in trouble because of his poverty. What we do not realize is that on becoming rich, only the level of trouble changes but the trouble remains.

The truth is that a poor man never gets into such anxiety as a rich man, because the poor man has at least a justification for his problems - that he is poor. A rich man does not even have that justification; he cannot even pinpoint the reason for his anxiety. And when anxiety is without any apparent cause, it becomes terrible. A reason gives you some relief, some consolation, because then you have some hope that you may be able to remove the reasons. But when some trouble arises without any reason then the difficulties increase.

Poor nations have suffered a lot, but the day they become rich they will realize that rich countries have their own sufferings.

I would like you to choose a rich man’s sufferings, not a poor man’s. If it is a question of choosing sufferings, then it is better to choose those of a rich man. But the intensity of restlessness will be heightened.

Today, America faces a greater level of restlessness and anxiety than any other country in the world. Although no other society has ever had the facilities that are available in America today, it is in America that, for the first time, disillusionment has taken place and illusions have been broken. Man used to think he was in anxiety because of some reason. In America, it has become clear that man is not in anxiety for any reason; man himself is the anxiety - he invents new anxieties for himself. The personality within him goes on continuously demanding things that are not there, and that which he does have goes on becoming more meaningless every day. That which has already been achieved becomes meaningless, futile; that which he doesn’t have, attracts. There is a continuous striving for those things which he does not have.

Nietschze has said somewhere that man is a bridge stretched between two impossibilities: always eager to achieve the impossible, always eager to become complete. It is out of this eagerness to become complete that all the religions have been born.

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