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Chapter 13: Mind Is the Bondage

.going to the other shore - which does not exist. They are still carrying a counter-delusion.

.and the mortals are on this shore. On the other shore is buddhahood.

But the moment you are on the other shore, the other shore disappears. You are simply a light unto yourself.

But about arhatas, he cannot forget. He puts them in midstream, neither on this shore nor on that shore. Arhatas are also on the other shore, just as bodhisattvas are, as buddhas are. The moment they reach the other shore, both the shores disappear simultaneously. Suddenly they are awake and they find themselves part of the whole, a great shower of blessings coming over them.

If Bodhidharma could have forgotten his antagonism with arhatas and used instead of “mind,” “no-mind,” his sutras would have been perfect, without any flaw. But even with these two flaws, they are great. And anybody who understands can make you aware of these two flaws.

Don’t carry any antagonism. And use, as far as possible, the closest word to reality. Mind is not the closest word to meditation; no-mind is.

Arhatas may have angered him because they become enlightened and they never care about anybody. They don’t even speak. It is very difficult to get anything out of the arhatas. But my own feeling is, everybody has to be his own self, his own individuality, his own uniqueness. Arhatas have their own uniqueness. After becoming enlightened, they become utterly silent.

This is the antagonism of Bodhidharma, that they should be more compassionate. They should help others to become enlightened. And if you see the arguments from both sides, you will see that both are right in their own way. Arhatas say, “It is interference into somebody’s life. If he wants to remain unenlightened, it is his right.” Arhatas say, “This is our compassion that we don’t interfere into anybody’s life.”

Bodhisattvas say, “This is our compassion that we make every effort to make others enlightened. This is our compassion.”

I think both have beautiful arguments, and there is nothing wrong in either of the arguments. Existence is multidimensional, it has so many aspects.

A man of ultimate understanding will not see any contradiction anywhere. In his understanding and clarity, all contradictions become complementary to each other.