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Chapter 10: Beyond East and West

The same can be done by a Christian. He can look into the Gita and find something which satisfies his Christian mind - then he is looking for the Bible in the Gita, but the Gita is beautiful only where it is not at all similar to the Bible. There is its uniqueness. Beauty is in uniqueness; similarities become cliches, similarities become meaningless, similarities are monotonous. The Himalayas are beautiful because they have something unique that is not in the Alps. And the Ganges is beautiful because it has something that is not in the Amazon. Of course both are rivers, and there are a thousand and one things similar, but if you go on looking for similarities you will live in a very boring world. I am not in favor of it.

I will not tell you to look into Eastern scriptures and into Western scriptures and to find some sort of compromise, no. I would like you to go into your innermost being. If you go beyond the object, you have gone beyond the West; if you go beyond the subject, you have gone beyond the East. Then the transcendental arises and there is the synthesis. And when it has happened within you, then you can spread it without also. The synthesis has to happen within human beings, not in books, not in dissertations, not in PhD theses. An organic unity is possible only in an organic way.

This is what I am doing here. I am hammering you to make you go beyond the objective and beyond the subjective. I am not telling you to make subjective and objective meet inside you, because that meeting will not be able to bring the higher into existence. You have to go beyond. The humanity of the future has to go beyond East and West; both have been only half, both have been lopsided. I am neither for East nor for West, I am for a total world, a world that is whole.

But it is natural in a way - Arica, EST, TM - in a way natural. Because the common humanity, the ordinary human mind, always tries to find cheap methods, shortcuts. People are not really interested in the ultimate truth, they are interested at the most in a convenient, comfortable life. They are not really interested in being alive and being an adventurer, they are really afraid of all adventures. They want to put things together in such a way that things become comfortable and one can live comfortably and one can die comfortably. Comfort seems to be the goal, not truth.

And everybody has his own prejudice. The Christian, the Hindu, the Mohammedan, they all have their prejudices. They are very deep-rooted. You can talk about love but that is always superficial.

Let me tell you an anecdote.

The distraught young man was perched on the fortieth floor window ledge of a midtown hotel, threatening to jump. The closest the police could get was the roof of an adjacent building a few feet below. However, all pleas to the man to return to safety were of no avail.

A priest from the nearest parish was summoned and he hastened to the scene.

“Think, my son,” he intoned to the would-be suicide in a very loving way. “Think, my son, think of your mother and father who love you.”

“Oh, they don’t love me,” the man replied. “I am jumping.”

“No, my son, stop!” cried the priest with great love in his voice. “Think of the woman who loves you.”

“Nobody loves me. I am jumping,” came the response.

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