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Chapter 2: So Far, So Good

Meditation should not be reduced into technology, and enlightenment cannot be reduced. Enlightenment means awareness, witnessing. Enlightenment is neither of the body nor of the mind, it is of the beyond. The body can be manipulated by mechanisms, the mind can be manipulated by mechanisms, but your soul is beyond and cannot be manipulated by any mechanism whatsoever.

You ask, “Many people in the West are engaged in the creation of a science or technology of enlightenment.” Those people are criminals. They are dangerous people; avoid them. These same people were engaged in creating technology two hundred years ago. They have destroyed nature; now they are turning toward consciousness. They will destroy that too.

Now there is a movement all over the world to protect the ecology of nature, the “naturality” of nature. But it is too late really. Now nothing can be done, nothing much can be done. And these people who propagate in favor of ecology appear to be eco-nuts, another species of Jehovah’s Witnesses - fanatics, desperately fighting something which seems impossible. Before the plague of technology turns on human consciousness, stop it. Stop it in the seed.

And you say, “The need is certainly there.” It is not, certainly not. There is no need. “.but how do you see the possibility?” There is no possibility either.

But man is dangerous: the more impossible a thing, the more he becomes attracted and challenged. That’s what Edmund Hillary said when he reached to the top of Everest. Somebody asked him, “Why did you try it at all? What is the point? Why?”

Edmund Hillary said, “I had to, because Everest is there. Because it is there, I had to. It stands like a challenge.”

Anything unconquerable is a challenge to man’s ego. There is no possibility; naturally, it will never happen. But that very impossibility can become a challenge to these mad, obsessed people who want to reduce everything into technique. They cannot create a technology of enlightenment. That is not possible at all, in the very reality. But they can create a technology which can manipulate the mind and even deceive people, and create an illusion of enlightenment.

That’s what is happening with drugs. Drugs have become a technology of enlightenment. And the guru of drugs, Ginsberg, goes on talking as if all the mystics of the world were saying the same things, were trying to give you the same vision as LSD can give, or psilocybin or marijuana. It is nonsense! No drug can lead you to enlightenment, but drugs can create an illusion of enlightenment.

“Is it irresponsible to engage in its creation without having reached the state of enlightenment?” Only people who have not known enlightenment can try it. Those who have known cannot even think of the possibility. And it is irresponsible.

“Is the Arica method a valid approach?” The Arica method is technology, techniques, knowledge without love - and hence the danger is there. It will turn people into robots.

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