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Chapter 2: So Far, So Good

Remember always, freedom is the goal; moksha, absolute freedom, is the goal. You can turn human beings into robots; they will be less miserable. In fact, if you become a perfect robot, how can you be miserable? A machine is never miserable - of course, never happy too, but never miserable.

Arica methods, or any methods which exist without love, are dangerous. And in this again it is very difficult to make a distinction, because the same method can be used with love, and then it is meaningful; and the same method can be used without love, and it becomes dangerous. And it is very difficult to see from the outside whether the method is being used with love or without love.

The Arica methods have been chosen from different schools: Sufi, Gurdjieff, Tibetan, Indian, Japanese. It is eclectic. They have chosen techniques from all over the world. In the first place, they are chosen from different schools; there is not a harmony in them, there is no center in them. It is just like a piled-up thing - a crowd of people, a mob, not a family - because the techniques come from different schools.

A Sufi technique is bound to be different from a Zen technique. Both function, both work, but they work in their own system; they cannot work outside the system. It is as if you take one part of one car, and try to fix that part into another car of a different make. And it doesn’t work, and you are puzzled: “Why doesn’t it work?” It used to work in the first car; there was a harmony, it was meant for that car.

A Zen method works in a Zen philosophy; a Sufi method words in a Sufi philosophy; a Tibetan method works with Tibetan occult esoteric Buddhism; a yoga method works with Patanjali’s system. You cannot just choose those methods from anywhere, otherwise you can make a car with a few parts from a Rolls Royce, a few from a Lincoln, a few from a Cadillac, and a few from a Fiat - and you go on jumbling parts from everywhere. Your car is dangerous. In the first place it is not going anywhere - and you are fortunate if it doesn’t move. It moves? - then you are more unfortunate.

Arica has chosen from different schools. Arica is very greedy, eclectic, but there exists no center. It is not an orchestra, it is a market-noise.

First thing: if you follow the Arica method too much, you will not arrive to your center. You will come to many experiences on the periphery, but you will never arrive to your center. And all your experiences will not be of a family, but fragmentary. And it is dangerous, you can fall into pieces.

The second thing: there is no love, because there is no center - and love arises only from the center. This collection of so many methods is soul-less, there is no soul in it. So you can become very, very efficient in the methods, and yet you will see that your heart is not flowering. You will become efficient, but you will not become blissful. You may become less miserable, you may be less tense, you may become more capable of controlling yourself, you may have a stronger ego, but you will not have a soul.

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