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Chapter 40: Absolutely without Any Goals

When I visited Sarjano’s pizza parlor yesterday, I found him sobbing by a huge vat of spaghetti. He said that, in spite of your assurances, he feels it is all hopeless. He said, “I can-a never get-a enlightened-a. I’m-a too much-a attached-a to my past-a.“ I tried to cheer him up by saying that you were helping us to return to the source, and where there is sauce there must be spaghetti. But he was inconsolable. Beloved Master, please, can you help?

Maneesha, Sarjano need not become enlightened - he is already. Those who have been to his place have tasted enlightenment in his spaghetti.

It is true, he is too much attached to the past-a. I would like to suggest to him that in our place he should change these names a little bit - because I am against the past, I cannot allow any past-a here. So I have to rename his pasta; it will be called from tomorrow: futura. And his pizza should be called presenta. The language should be meaningful. Pizza reminds one of pee - that’s why I have never been calling it pizza. I have been always calling it “piesta” just to avoid that pee.

And Sarjano need not worry about enlightenment; those who are with me are already enlightened. They may recognize it, they may not recognize it - just out of humbleness..

A very large elephant was moving sedately through the African jungle when he caught sight of a mouse. He stopped in astonishment; he had never seen a mouse before. “My God,” he said, “you are small!” “Yes,” said the mouse, “I have been ill lately.”

Following an ancient custom, the rabbi of the local synagogue prostrated himself before the Ark of the Lord, “Oh Lord, forgive me, for I am as nothing.” Then the cantor followed, “Oh Lord, forgive me, for I am as nothing.” A little old man praying nearby in his tobacco-stained shirt and old shoes called out, “Oh Lord, forgive me, for I am as nothing.” The disgusted rabbi said to the cantor, “Look who thinks he is nothing!”

In the society where everything turns into ego, even humbleness - which should be egolessness - becomes a subtle ego in itself. But my people are not egoists; hence they need not be humble either - because humbleness and ego are two extremes of the same energy. My people are simple, they are just exactly in the middle; they follow the golden mean.

Nirvana, enlightenment, kaivalya, moksha, all great experiences, are not to be proclaimed. People will recognize them just by your joy, by your playfulness, by your presence. And Sarjano is playful, joyous - sometimes a little too much. Once in a while he goes to the extreme, but most of the time remains “normally mad.” I am going to visit his place one day. I have heard too much about it. He and Kuteer are both doing great things there.

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