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Chapter 14: Love Is as Rare as Buddhahood

That is the whole concept of maya - that the world is illusory. Not that the world is illusory - it has its own reality - but this is just a technique to settle deeply into yourself. Then nothing disturbs you. If everything is a dream then it is pointless to be disturbed. Just think, if this moment you think that everything is a dream - these people sitting here, me talking to you, these trees, this night, the sound of the night - is a dream, suddenly you are transported into a different world: you are there, the dream is there, and nothing is worth worrying about.

So from tonight, just fall into sleep with this attitude. And in the morning too, the first thing you have to remember is that everything is a dream. Let this recur many times in the day, and suddenly you will feel relaxed.

The moment we think something is real we become tense. If you can think of the reality as dream, even reality will not make you tense. Right now even dreams make you tense because you give reality to them. While dreaming everything becomes real: a dog suddenly turns into an elephant and even then your mind accepts it as real. You don’t say that this is impossible, it must be a dream. Your acceptance is so total that you accept even the illogicality of it.

Fall into sleep remembering so a subtle fragrance, the remembrance, will go into the dream world. And in the morning again remember so that the thread is caught hold of again. Your whole consciousness will start changing from that moment. Then again the world will close in and you will think it is real, but for a single moment it will be as if clouds are no longer there, the sun is shining. By and by this becomes a more settled climate around you.

And the third thing: never make decisions, vows, that you are not able to keep, because if you make a habit of it, your self-confidence becomes undermined. So, decide that for seven days you will over-eat as much as possible, as much as you like, not letting up even for one day. After that I will see what is happening, but for now you are to simply do as you want.


The Primal group, halfway through their twenty-one day course, is present.

My upbringing was without trauma so there are no specific painful incidents that I can recall and work on. I feel very aware of the armor around my chest, shoulders and arms, and I often have a sense of frustration, of being lost.

Do the Enlightenment Intensive group next; it goes deeper than Primal Therapy.

Unless you go deeper than your childhood the armor will not be dropped. There are two types of armor: one is created in this life, and Primal will help immediately - but you are carrying armor from your past life. That’s why you feel frustrated and that everything is blocked and feeling is not coming. Primal can help only because it is a method to help you to go back to this birth. It is working on you a little but cannot take you back so far that you move into another life.

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