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Chapter 7: Man Is an Empty Temple

Rebellion is inner revolution. Rebellion starts from the “in”, reform starts from the “out”. Never start from the outside. Start from the innermost core. Start from your very being. Reform will tell you what to do. Revolution will tell you how to be: more saintly, of a better character, of good qualities. Revolution will make a hard crust around you, an armor which protects you from the outside and from the inside too. A hard, steel armor - that is what is called “character”.

A real man has no character. Jesus has no character. That was the problem, otherwise the Jews would not have been so against him . He was liquid; he had no character, he had no armor. He was open, vulnerable, defenseless, because he was not a moralist. He was not a saint, he was a sage.

Reform makes you a gentleman. Revolution makes you a saint. Rebellion makes you a sage. He was a sage. Whatsoever he did was not done because of a certain morality, but because of a certain understanding; not because of given rules from the past, but because of a spontaneous awareness. Rebellion depends on awareness, revolution on character, reform on formalities.

Start by being more aware, then you start from the innermost. Let the light spread from there, so your whole being can be full of light. There is no way to go from the outside. The only way is to come from the inside - just like a seed grows from the inside, sprouts from the inside and becomes a big tree. Let that be your inner work too - like a seed, grow.

Reform is patchwork, a kind of whitewash - a little bit here, a little bit there, but the basic structure is not even touched. Reform can be for revolution or can be against revolution; it depends on you. There are two types of reformists: those who are preparing the ground for revolution or those who are trying to prevent the revolution. Reform gives the feeling that things are getting better, so what is the need of creating a revolution? why go to that much trouble? Reform gives hope, and people stop. So it depends on you.

A man of right understanding can use reform also, but a man who is not conscious will not be able to use reform as a process for revolution - on the contrary, reform will become a hindrance for revolution. And so is the case with revolution. Revolution can be a door to rebellion, but only with awareness; otherwise it becomes a hindrance. One thinks “Now the revolution has happened, what is the need to go any deeper? It is already too much.” So reform can either be a hindrance or a help. And so is the case with revolution.

All depends on your awareness, all depends on your understanding - how much you understand life.

So let this become one of the most fundamental rules of life and work: that everything ultimately depends on understanding - how you understand. Even something which was going to become a great help can become a hindrance if understanding is missing. And even sometimes that which was going to be poisonous, with understanding can be changed into something medicinal. All medicines are made of poisons: they don’t kill, they help people to remain healthy. In the right hands even poison becomes medicine; and in the wrong hands, even medicine may prove to be a poison.

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