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Chapter 1: I Am a Beginning and an End

Slowly more people started coming because, “You are safe only when Adolf Hitler is speaking. You are not safe with anybody belonging to any other party: from there you are going to come back fractured.” Soon Adolf Hitler had thousands of people in his meetings.

And his way of speaking was the way which is taught in the school of oratory: at a certain point beat the table, at a certain point shout loudly, at a certain point whisper. Everything is rehearsed, prepared. There was nothing significant in what he was saying, but he was saying it according to the rules of oratory. And particularly, people were interested in his meetings because you could come back home safe, without being beaten.

He came to power by such strange means. And once he was in power he started saying to the country, “Unless you kill the Jews and erase them completely Germany will never be able to fulfill its destiny. It is God’s own race, pure Aryan blood.”

What has pure blood to do with anything? And there are all kinds of blood - they are all pure. They may be different.And what has being Aryan to do with it, because everybody except Negroes, Japanese and Chinese - all are Aryans. Nothing is special in being Aryan. And this is the most stupid logic: that you kill the Jews.And they have been the most intelligent people. Forty percent of Nobel Prizes go to Jews; they have contributed to human knowledge, to science, and they have not been quarrelsome; they have created wealth and they have suffered a lot. The whole history of Jews is a long nightmare.

And Adolf Hitler is their own prophet, reincarnated - still alive!

I am thinking to inform both: “It will be good; send Jesus and Adolf Hitler both here. They both need psychiatric treatment.” Unfortunately both are dead, but we will do whatever we can do to give psychiatric treatment to a dead person. At least we can teach him to lie down meditatively.and he will lie down more meditatively than you can do. In fact he cannot do anything else but meditation!

You are very innocent, Big Prem. Nothing has to be transcended, just you have to disappear in love, in trust, in deep grace, childlike. And Big Prem has that quality.

Three kids - little Hymie, little Bruce and little Ernie - are playing by a river in the Northern Territory of Australia. They are swinging backwards and forwards across the river on a rubber tire, which is hanging from a tree.

Little Bruce is flying through the air, when suddenly a crocodile leaps out of the water and swallows him and the tire in one bite.

Little Ernie and little Hymie stand looking at the ripples in the water.

“You had better go and tell his mom,” says little Ernie. “And I will go and get another tire.”

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