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Chapter 9: The Inner Revolution

Listen, O emperor, to this statement of pure intelligence.
This dream world arises from the five elements.
First the beginning, then the vessel, the recognition, and the conclusion -
Shree Gorakh says, do these and you will know you are an emperor.

To begin, drop sex, anger, ego,
Dreams of the mind and the impurities of indulgence.
Renounce worldly cravings, drop greed -
They catch hold of the swan and kill it.

Drop duality and remain nondual,
Drop embracing others, remain boundless,
Naturalness is the technique and asana happens,
Body, mind and breath become steady.

Awaken sanyama; take only necessary food,
Renounce slumber, the death of your life.
Drop tantra, mantra, yantra,
Ancient medicine, amulets, metals and stones.

All this use of devices will only lead you
To the king’s door, to politics.
Drop using spells of all kinds and all sorcery,
Listen yogis, to the start of the path of yoga.

Move totally away from all other states,
In all ways, remember the divine.
Dropping all kinds of acting,
Burn lust, anger and the ego.

Don’t wander on pilgrimages with your eyes full of great desires.
No need to carry the weight of matted hair turned into heavy locks.
No need for any virtues of planting trees and making gardens,
Do not die digging wells and pools.

The breath weakened, the body decays,
Be centered in sitting, O king.
Don’t waste your life in climbing mountains,
Insisting on pilgrimages and vows.

Drop all this worship and ritual, of chanting with beads,
Enough of the pretensions of yoga.
Abandon all business and your trade in knowledge,
Your studying, your contemplating, your social conventions.

Don’t gather disciples,
Avoid titles as if graveyards and debate as if poison.
Hence I say,
Realizing death, O king, remain alone.

Seeing a gathering, don’t boast of knowledge.
Just be like someone dumb and ignorant.
Drop the hopes of both king and commoner,
Begging for your food, remaining absolutely indifferent.

Let go of all potions, magic brews and alchemy,
Renounce riddhi and embrace siddhi.
Drop drinking alcohol and the taking of drugs,
They create all sorts of dreams and fantasies.

Nari, sari, kinguri, the master says to drop all three.
The beginning, the vessel, the recognition, the conclusion -
Shree Gorakh says,
Do these and know you are an emperor.

The part ultimately attains to the status of the whole.
I have never seen a drop that will not become the ocean.

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