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Chapter 10: Living in Nirvana

Nobody has - because nobody is. The power is possible if you are there. You are not there. The whole is. These individual egos are not there. These are false entities, just illusion. An illusion cannot have power. That which is not, that which does not exist, how can it be powerful? Naturally, it is impotent.

So the first thing to be understood: the ego is impotent.

The whole is omnipotent; the part is impotent. But the part is impotent only if it tries to be separate from the whole. Once it dissolves itself into the whole, it becomes the whole. Then it is no longer impotent; then that part also becomes omnipotent.

If you are trying to do something, you will feel helpless. Life happens; it has nothing to do with doing. In the very effort you are creating trouble for yourself. Don’t try to swim upstream. Then you will feel as if the river is fighting you. It is not the river.

The river is completely unaware of you. The river is completely unconcerned with you. The river is not doing anything to you; the river is not being nasty to you. Only you are trying to swim upstream; hence you feel the river is going against you.

If you start floating with the river, all enmity disappears from the river. Not that it was coming from the river; it was coming from you. If you are trying to do something, the opposite will happen. That is the misery of human ego; that is the hell.

I have heard one very beautiful story:

An ascetic, a great ascetic, who lived his whole life as a celibate, who remained virgin, who was very much against sex and whose whole life was just an effort to fight against sex, against love, died. His chief disciple could not survive the shock; after just a few hours he also died.

When the chief disciple reached the other world he could not believe his eyes; he was shocked. The master was sitting there - the great ascetic - and Marilyn Monroe was sitting in his lap, almost naked, kissing and hugging the man! He was very shocked, but then, even in his dense head, understanding arose. He thought, “Of course, God is just, and my great master has been well rewarded for all his austerities.”

So he went and touched the feet of his master and said, “Master, now I can believe that God is just. In heaven you have been well rewarded for all your austerities, tapascharya, that you did in your life.”

The master looked very angry, and with deep condemnation he said, “You blockhead! We are not in heaven and I am not being rewarded - she is being punished.”

The opposite is bound to happen. The ascetic is going to meet Marilyn Monroe; it is going to happen. The ascetic has created the whole thing himself.

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