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Chapter 3: This Honey Is Yours

Whatsoever you do will bring some good into the world and will bring some bad into the world - whatsoever you do. Just the very choice that you did something - many things will be good and many things will be wrong after that. You think of any action: you go and you give some money to a beggar - you are doing good, but the beggar goes and purchases some poison and commits suicide. Now your intention was good but the total result is bad. You help a man - he is ill, you serve him, you take him to the hospital. And then he is healthy, well, and he commits murder. Now without your help there would have been one murder less in the world. Your intention was good, but the total result is bad.

So whether to judge by the intention or to judge by the result? And who knows about your intention? Intention is internal. maybe deep down you were hoping that when he got healthy he would commit a murder. And sometimes it happens your intention is bad and the result is good. You throw a rock at a person, and he was suffering from migraine for many years, and the rock hit his head and since then the migraine has disappeared - now what to do? What to say about your act? - moral, immoral? You wanted to kill the man, you could only kill the migraine.

That’s how acupuncture was born. Such a great science! so beneficial! one of the greatest boons to humanity - but it was born in this way. A man was suffering from headaches for many years. And somebody, his enemy, wanted to kill him. Hiding behind a tree, the enemy shot an arrow; the arrow hit the man’s leg, he fell down, but his headache disappeared. The people who were looking after him, the doctor of the town, were very much puzzled as to how it happened. They started studying. By chance, by coincidence, the man had hit one acupuncture point just on the leg; some point was touched on the leg by the arrow, was hit by the arrow, and the inner electric flow of the man’s body energy changed. And because the inner flow of the electricity changed, his headache disappeared.

That’s why when you go to the acupuncturist and you say, “I have a headache,” he may not touch your head at all. He may start pressing your feet or your hand, or he may needle your hand or your back. And you will be surprised: “What are you doing? because my head is wrong, not my back!” But he knows better. The whole body is an interconnected electric phenomenon; there are seven hundred points, and he knows from where to push the energy to change the flow. Everything is interconnected.but this is how acupuncture was born.

Now the man who shot the arrow at his enemy, was he a great saint or was he a sinner? Difficult to say, very difficult to say. If you watch the actions, then it is up to you. You can choose the good ones, you can choose the bad ones. And in the total reality, each act brings something good and something bad. In fact, this is my understanding, meditate on it: whatsoever you do, the goodness of it and the badness of it are always in the same proportion. Let me repeat: it is always in the same proportion - because good and bad are two aspects of the same coin. You may do good, but something bad is bound to happen because where will the other aspect go? You may do bad, but good is bound to happen because where will the other aspect go? The coin exists with both aspects together, and a single aspect cannot exist alone.

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