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Chapter 25: Silence Is Always Louder than Any Scream

Silence can also be a song.

Love can also be a sword.

These great experiences of life - silence or love or blissfulness - are not limited to only one meaning. They include the whole spectrum of the rainbow: all the colors between black and white also belong to them. Love can be as soft as a roseflower, and love can be as hard as a bullet - these are all aspects. One has to remember only one thing: that they are coming out of a loving space. Your revolution has to come from a loving space; your rebellion has to have the flavor of love. Then it is a totally different phenomenon: it is no longer political, it starts taking on a spiritual dimension.

I can understand, Sarjano, you love me too much. You cannot bear to see what the religions, the organized churches of the world are doing to me. You cannot tolerate it; it is impossible for your love to tolerate what the politicians and the bureaucrats have been doing to me.

I have been teaching only silence and love to people, and I have been treated as if I am a murderer!

The attorney general of America said at a press conference, “We could not put Osho into jail because we don’t have any evidence that he has committed any crime.” And the same man, in the federal court, produced a long list of crimes, and blackmailed my attorneys, threatened them. They came to see me in the jail, they had tears in their eyes - and they were professional attorneys, they were not concerned about me the way you are concerned about me.

But those twelve days in American jails.. They arrested me without any arrest warrant. And the way the judges behaved.they would not allow me even to inform my attorneys that I had been arrested; they would not indicate even verbally the reason why I had been arrested. The magistrate before whom I first had to appear was a woman magistrate. For three days continuously the US Attorney argued and could not prove anything against me. He had to accept, himself - in his closing statement on the third day - that “I have failed to prove any crime against Osho, and I don’t have anything else to say.” Still the magistrate did not allow me to be released on bail.

Even the jailer could not believe what was happening. He had brought my things with him, thinking that I would be released. They did not have any arrest warrant, they did not have any cause to show; for three days he had been listening and there was not a single point that proved me guilty or criminal.

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