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Chapter 21: Seriousness Is a Sickness

Quantity at a certain point brings a new quality. Out of fear of being misunderstood, many things have not been said to humanity. Not that they were not known to those who have come to the highest peak, but they have chosen to speak only of certain aspects. Even those certain aspects are misunderstood. And many they have left unsaid. They know that when you reach, you will experience.

I don’t want to leave anything unsaid. I don’t function out of fear at all. And I trust my people’s intelligence more than any awakened person has ever trusted.

Mahavira never allowed his male and female sannyasins to be together - a fear that they might fall back into their old habits. He arranged that the women sannyasins should remain separate from the men sannyasins. If you go into details you can see the fear. The women sannyasins should always bow down to the men sannyasins, even if the male sannyasin may be just one day old. He may have taken sannyas just one day before, still a sixty-year-old woman sannyasin has to bow down to this young person. She has been a sannyasin for sixty years. The reason? The reason is that whenever a woman bows down to a man there is a protection. She is paying so much respect to you, you cannot behave in any disrespectful way towards her. And according to Mahavira, even to think about sex will be disrespectful.

But all these details have a hidden psychology of fear. All male sannyasins and women sannyasins had to move in a group of five; nobody was allowed to move alone. Why? Lions move alone because they are unafraid. What is the fear? Why should five men move together? So they can keep an eye on each other, that nobody falls below the discipline, that nobody does things which are not allowed.

Five women moving together will keep alert about each other, will see that nobody falls in love, nobody becomes too much attached to anyone. Mahavira has put four against one. Their jealousy, their competitiveness, and their very nature of putting the other down will keep them alert. But this is functioning out of fear.

And I know Mahavira was not afraid as far as he himself was concerned. He was afraid about his disciples. That means he was not as respectful to the disciples and their intelligence as he should have been. My feeling is, if I am not respectful towards you and I cannot trust you, then no arrangement is going to help. And all these people in the past.although they thought of every detail, there were always loopholes. Sannyasins have been finding ways for perverted sex.

Gautam Buddha was afraid even to initiate women in his commune as sannyasins. He remained very stubborn. But that was out of a certain fear that if women entered in the commune.He did not believe in his own sannyasins. He knew that they would start falling back into their biological heritage.

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