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Chapter 4: Be Assertive!

Sotell those fools there that “You are cults and we are a religion!” And make a commission of inquiry, because only MY sannyasins can be impartial. Here are Christians and Hindus and Mohammedans and Parsis and Buddhists and Jainas; in my sannyasins all the rivers are meeting and merging. It is an ocean! Only my sannyasins can be impartial - how can these Christians be impartial? They have already shown their faces that they are Christians. They are already prejudiced that Christ is right, that the Christian dogma is right, that anything that goes against it is wrong. How can they inquire? Inquiry needs no a priori assumptions, no conclusions.

So you can makea commission of inquiry to look into what Christianity has done in two thousand years. All kinds of crimes have been committed - murder, rape, arson - all kinds of crimes have been committed by these so-called religious people. In fact, they have proved the greatest calamity to humanity.

Be assertive! Drop all ideas of being defensive! But you are still talking in terms of defense.

You say: “It feels that the time has come to be less accommodating, less compromising and less defensive.” Less defensive or more defensive, less accommodating or more accommodating, less compromising or more compromising, is only a question of quantity. It is not a change of your vision, of your perspective. Change the whole perspective! It is not a question of less or more - simply drop being defensive. And don’t move to the other extreme: don’t become aggressive - but be assertive. Open up your heart, say the way you feel, explain it to the people the way you feel.

You say: “It is coming to a point where becoming still more defensive would be a denial of our innermost experience.” Never betray your own innermost experience. If you betray it you are committing suicide. A person who kills himself physically is not really committing suicide, because he will be born again; he will have a new body that’s all, a new model. But the person who goes against his own inner experience is committing a far deeper suicide - he is destroying his very soul. It is better to suffer; it is beautiful to suffer on the path of truth. Even death on the path of truth has a beauty of its own.

And these governments are going to do the same thing everywhere, all over the world it is going to happen, because my sannyasins are now in almost all the countries of the world. Sooner or later everywhere the same problems are bound to arise. In Germany the government has appointed a commission, now it is Holland, soon it will be Italy, and so on and so forth. You are going to be tortured everywhere! That’s how it has always been.

Truth cannot be accepted because people are living in such comfortable lies. Accepting truth means destroying the whole edifice that they have created around themselves. It is cozy and comfortable, and they have put so much energy into it. It has become their lifelong work, and nobody wants it to be destroyed. Nobody wants to be told that it is all dreamstuff: “You are just befooling and deceiving yourselves. Come out of your deceptions!” And the masses, the crowd mind, the mob psychology, has not that much guts; they cannot come out of their comfortable lies. So the only way left for them is to destroy truth.

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