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Chapter 14: Words from the Silences of Your Heart

He was silent for a moment and he said, “Perhaps you are right. Whatever I am saying is my education, is my scholarship, is my lifelong learning. What Jesus was saying was not his learning; he never went to any school. What he was saying was his experience; his words were coming from a living source.”

The positive person has to become assertive; he has to come into the light. Otherwise the world is left in the hands of the negative people, and these negative people are the cause of preventing others from seeking and searching.

I have always liked a story by Turgenev - a Russian novelist, one of the best the world has ever known. If you are going to choose ten great books, you will have to give one place to Turgenev without fail. Out of all the literature in all the languages in the world, he may claim more, but one is absolutely certain. He has written a small story, The Fool.

In a small village there was a very simple man. His simplicity was such that he almost looked like a simpleton, and the whole village condemned him as the idiot. Out of his simplicity he used to do things, and the cunning people all around condemned him. He became so much afraid even to say a single word, because whatever he would say, he would be immediately criticized, condemned. He became afraid of acting, of doing anything; his life became a hell. And at that time, a mystic passed through the village. The idiot reached the mystic and told his tragic story, asking, “You help me do something..”

The mystic said, “Who says you are an idiot? You are a very simple, innocent being. Out of your innocence you do things which are going to be against the ideas of the cunning and the clever.

“You do one thing - I will be coming back on the same route within a month, so I can check whether it works or not - I will tell you a simple secret. From tomorrow morning, you become assertive, aggressive: Somebody says, ‘What a beautiful sunrise’ and you immediately jump in and tell him, ‘What is there? What beauty are you talking about? What is beauty? Define it! I have seen many sunrises like this; it is just a mediocre sunrise - what is special in it? It happens every day.’ And nobody can define beauty, nobody can prove that the sunrise is beautiful. There is no argument, there is no way.

“Somebody is saying, ‘Look at that woman, how beautiful she is!’ Immediately jump in. You just watch, wherever anybody is making a positive statement about higher values which cannot be proved, you ask for proof: ‘What do you mean by calling that ordinary woman, who is not even homely.what beauty is in her? Where is it? - in her eyes, in her nose, in her hair? Where is the beauty? You have to clearly define it, and point to where it is!’” Now, beauty is not something that can be pinpointed.

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