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Chapter 9: Kundalini, Shaktipat and Grace

Another person can also be helpful in this matter. If you do it in my presence the effect will be faster and greater, because then there will be hammering from a third direction of which you are completely unaware. That is the astral direction, the hammering of which is subtler than the physical and mental ones. When you breathe intensely it hammers the center physically. When you ask “Who am I?” it does the same thing mentally. And when you do it in the presence of another through whom your astral body is hammered, then a third journey begins. So if fifty people meditate together here, it will be much more intense than if only one person meditates. Because of the longings of fifty people, together with the vibrations of their intense breathing, an astral atmosphere will pervade this room, and a new kind of electric light waves will begin to circulate all around, which will hit you from another direction.

But normally you have only two direct ways: one is physical and the other mental. So “Who am I?” is going to hit harder; it will hit harder than deep breathing. But we start with breathing because it is of the body and is easy to do. Asking “Who am I?” is a little difficult, as it is of the mind.

We begin with the body and when the body begins to vibrate fully, it prepares the mind to ask the question “Who am I?” A right situation is needed for this question. Nothing is going to happen just by asking the question, “Who am I” wheresover, in whatsoever situation.

Every question needs the right situation in which to be asked. For example, when your whole body begins to shake and tremble, the question arises automatically, you ask yourself, “What is it all about? How am I doing all this?” And then you understand that you are not doing anything, you are not raising your feet nor are you turning your head and dancing, and yet dance is happening. And if all this happens without your efforts, your identification with your body begins to loosen. Then a new question arises in you: you want to know who you are. The new question is, if what the body is doing is not your doing, then who else is doing it, and who are you? Now a schism, a gap is created between you and your body.

This is the right situation, when through this gap the question “Who am I?” can sink deep in you. It is precisely at this moment when it becomes necessary to ask the question. Really every question has its own right time, its own right season. And it is very important to find out the right time for this question “Who am I?” It is not a question to be asked in an offhand manner; it cannot be asked at any time, without due preparation. If, sitting here, you ask casually “Who am I?” it will be lost in the air; it will not reach anywhere. A gap, an opening in you, is necessary from where the question can penetrate you. An opening is essential.

With the hammer strokes of both these things - deep breathing and “Who am I?” - the kundalini will awaken. And with its awakening, extraordinary experiences will begin to happen, because all the experiences of all your past lives are associated with the kundalini. In a way they are deposited there. Your experiences of infinite lives - including your lives as a tree, as a fish, as a bird; the experiences that you went through in the entire course of your evolution - are lying strewn on your journey’s path. And this serpent power known as kundalini has absorbed them all. Therefore many kinds of things can happen, and you can identify yourself with these experiences. Any kinds of things, unthinkable things, can happen. You have no idea of the many subtle experiences with which the kundalini is associated.

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