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Chapter 10: Life Is Not Short, Life Is Eternal

It is possible that there may be somebody else who is not feeling any juice, who is not feeling anything at all, and he will go with the idea that there is nothing. This is how your mind befools you; it never allows you to be aware of your blindness, your unawareness, your unattentiveness. On the contrary, if somebody says to such a person, “You have missed something,” he will retort, “You are hypnotized! I am a rational man; you have allowed yourself to be hypnotized and you have forgotten all rationality.”

People protect their blindness, protect their unconsciousness, they protect their misery; anything that is theirs - it may be hell - they will protect it.

But to be really with me, you have to put all your defenses away, you have to be vulnerable - because we are not here to fight with each other. We are here to have a deep rapport, a deep accord, a harmony in which all differences dissolve.and there are not so many people, but a single silence, a single peace that passeth understanding.

Those who cannot put their defenses away need all the compassion. They may think that they are rational beings, but they are really unconscious beings. Eyes don’t need reason, because eyes can see light without any reason; only blind men think about light, reason about light - for or against, believe in light, disbelieve in light - but the man who has eyes neither believes nor disbelieves, he is neither for nor against. He simply knows: light is there. It has to be enjoyed, not argued about.

You are in a state in which I want everybody to be. But people are so strange!

I have heard.

A great astronomer was concluding his lecture at the synagogue: “.And some of my colleagues believe that our own sun will probably die within four or five billion years.”

“How many years did you say?” asked Mrs. Siegel, from the back of the room.

“Four or five billion,” replied the scientist.

“Phew,” said Mrs. Siegel. “I thought you said million.”

People are very strange.as if she has understood! It does not matter in existence - four billion or four million - but perhaps million is the biggest number she knows. If it is four billion, no problem.

If you are listening with your mind there will come many such moments; if you are not listening with the mind but with the heart, there will not come any such moment. And listening with the heart is the only true listening.

Ronald Reagan came home and found his wife Nancy in bed with his very best friend, Edwin Meese.

“Hey, what do you think you are doing?”

“See,” Nancy said to Meese, “I told you he was stupid. Now he can see everything and he is asking, ‘What is going on?’“

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