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Chapter 4: This You Call Civilization?

Then he became interested to dig more, and now seven layers have been found. It seems for thousands of years Harappa and Mohanjo Daro were going into convulsions. Destroyed, they were made again; destroyed, they were made again - seven times.

It must have taken thousands of years for those cities.. And ultimately they were destroyed. It is just for us to guess whether it was nuclear weapons those people were accumulating - because all their cities show scientific technology - or it was nature. But nature cannot be so harsh that seven times it will destroy a city..

Most probably it was man himself. Perhaps Harappa and Mohanjo Daro were at war, and they were destroying each other and building again - whoever had survived - another city on top of the old city which had been destroyed.

Now Christians have to answer: Were Harappa and Mohanjo Daro created before God created the world?

Rigveda was written ninety thousand years ago, and God created the world only six thousand years ago. The Christian eyes are very blind. They cannot look into existence because of their scriptures. The scriptures prevent them from seeing the reality.

Now it is absolutely certain that the Rigveda is ninety thousand years old, because in Rigveda a certain constellation of stars is described in absolute detail. That constellation has never happened again. It happened, according to astronomers, scientists, ninety thousand years ago. So the people who wrote Rigveda must have watched it; their description is in such exact detail that it cannot be that they were imagining it - there is no possibility - and that constellation has never happened again! Perhaps in the future sometime it may happen again. That is a scientific proof of Rigveda’s ancientness.

Those monks have written to me that “We brought culture to the world.”

While the Rigveda was being written, where were you, and where was your God? When Harappa and Mohanjo Daro were destroyed and built again and again seven times, where was your God, and where were Christians? While the Upanishads were being written, Europe was barbarous.

You will be surprised to know that arithmetic was born in India. Gunpowder, machine guns, were created by the Chinese, before the birth of Christ. The alphabet was born in India, astronomy was born in India.

But why did these people stop? They could have moved towards nuclear energy..

The reason why China did not move - knowing these secrets they did not create machine guns, although in their scriptures absolute details are given - is that they were stopped by their sages, that “These things will lead to more destructive weapons. One thing leads to another. You just stop. Keep a record of it, but don’t produce such dangerous weapons.”

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