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Chapter 4: The Three Jeweled Rings

Man has come of age. Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism are all primitive efforts, rough sketches. They are like astrology, but the time has come for astrology to become astronomy. They are like alchemy, but the time has come for alchemy to become chemistry, to become scientific. They are like magic, but the time has come - the magic has to be dropped, because man is capable of becoming scientific. The day for science has come. Man has become mature.

That’s why there is so much turmoil,, because no old religion seems to be relevant. People are turning anti-religious not because they are anti-religious, but because the old religions are no longer relevant. People are becoming godless not because God has died, but because the old gods have become rotten. The new world needs a new vision of God; the new man needs a new concept of god, a new approach. A new temple is needed.

It is said that when Jesus was crucified, the old temple of Jerusalem started falling apart.

It happens again and again: man goes on growing; a moment comes when the old religion is felt to be too restricting and man cannot live in it. Either he has to have bigger space for himself, or he becomes anti-religious. Either give a new kind of religiousness to the world, or man is going to become irreligious. And Hinduism, Islam and Christianity have proved impotent; they are not giving a new vision. They go on repeating the old thing again and again. They are still hoping that somehow they will be able to convince man that all that is old is gold. It is not. Once it becomes old it is never gold again. Once it is old it is a corpse, the soul has left it.

Man needs a new dispensation, a new Bible. And the newness of the Bible will be this: that it will not be a book, that it will not be a sect, that it will not be a church; that it will be a quality - that people can be religious. There is no need for them to be Christian, Hindu or Mohammedan; they can simply be religious. There is no need to have any adjective. Religiousness can become just a way of life. A religious person will walk differently than a non-religious person. What will the difference be? The difference will be his awareness. A religious person will act differently from a non-religious person. What will the difference be? His action will come out of love. A religious person will create a different kind of fragrance around himself, naturally, obviously - because there will be no ego, so there will be no shadow around him. A religious person will live a luminous life; a light will go on filtering out from his innermost core. A religious person will be a conscious person - not Christian, not Hindu, not Mohammedan.

And I say to you that the day for it has come. Never before in the history of man has there been such a critical moment. Never has man been so uprooted from the past. Never before has man been so fed-up with all the old concepts, old idols, old ideologies. It is for the first time that man is utterly fed-up. This is a good sign, this is of immense value. It simply shows that a quantum leap is possible now: religion can be tried, can be given a try.

The time-spirit is getting ready to receive religiousness - and it can happen only when the time is ready, when the time-spirit is ready.

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