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Chapter 6: Understanding Comes in Mid-sentence

One day you will disappear on a funeral pyre - just into nothingness, as smoke. Don’t get attached to anything. This attachment takes you away from your real being; you become focused on the thing to which you are attached. Your awareness gets lost in things, in money, in people, in power. And there are a thousand and one things, the whole thick jungle around you, to be lost in.

Remember, non-attachment is the secret of finding yourself, then awareness can turn inwards because you don’t have anything outside to catch hold of. It is free, and in this freedom you can know your self-nature.

.don’t become attached. Once attached, you are unaware. But once you see your own nature, the entire canon becomes so much prose.

Then all the scriptures are useless. You have seen the holiest of the holy; the very source of the Upanishads, the very source of the Vedas, the very source of all so-called holy scriptures. When you have found the source, who bothers about scriptures? They are so much prose, nothing else.

Its thousands of sutras and shastras only amount to a clear no-mind. Understanding comes in mid-sentence.

This is such a beautiful statement. Understanding does not come through words, but through gaps - in the moments of silence.

Understanding comes in mid-sentence. What good are doctrines?

The ultimate truth is beyond words. Doctrines are words. They are not the way. The way is wordless. Words are illusions. They are no different from things that appear in your dreams at night, be they palaces or carriages. Don’t conceive any delight for such things. They are all cradles of rebirth. Keep this in mind when you approach death. Don’t cling to appearances, and you will break through all barriers.

This is a great statement to be remembered because everybody is going to pass through the gates of death someday. If you can remember that you are only pure consciousness - not the body, not the mind, not the heart, not your money, not your prestige, not your power, not your house, but just pure consciousness - then you can pass through the barrier of death unscratched. Then death cannot make even a dent in you.

Death has power over you only if you are attached.