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Chapter 3: The Search for Nirvana

Who is your wife? Who is your son? This world is very strange. Whose are you? Who are you? From where have you come? Do think over these essential questions.

From satsang comes aloneness, from aloneness comes nonattachment; because of nonattachment mind becomes stable and because of a stable and unwavering mind liberation is attained.

What is sexual desire once old age has set in? What is a pond once its water is dry? Who is the family once your wealth is finished? Where is the world after self-realization?

Do not be proud of wealth, people and youth, because death takes them all away within a moment. Dropping all these illusory matters, know the divine and enter into it.

Day and night, evening and morning, winter and spring come and go again and again. Thus the play of time goes on and one’s life is over. And yet the breeze of hope does not leave one alone.

Oh, you madman! Why are you caught up in the worries about your wife and your wealth? Don’t you know that even a moment’s company with good people is the only boat there is to take you across the ocean of this mundane world?

Before starting the sutra it is necessary to understand an essential complex of the human mind. Because of this complex many people, in spite of understanding, miss the point. Because of this complex they are saved from the abyss but they fall into a pit. The mind stops itself from going to one extreme, but in that process it goes to the other extreme.

Someone eats a lot, he is a glutton, his only interest is in food. But one day or other, without anybody’s telling him, he will understand that he is torturing his body. The body will become sick and will be in pain. It will not be difficult for him to realize that eating too much is not healthy, but then the danger is that he may start fasting - from eating too much he may go to the extreme of giving up food altogether.

If there is too strong an attachment with the world and with money, then it is easy to run away from the world. Instead of interest there may be disinterest. Attachment may create detachment. Those that are near and dear to you may appear to be enemies rather than one’s own people. There is hardly any difference between the two conditions. This is what is meant by falling into a pit while saving oneself from the abyss.

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