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Chapter 7: Devotion Has No Cause

Fear becomes greed. Fear becomes desire. Fear becomes attachment. Because a fearful person is afraid to be alone he creates the relationships of attachment. He goes on creating the relationships of wife, husband, friend, brother, mother, religion, cast, society, country, etcetera. These are all expansions of attachment. You are afraid to be alone. In aloneness the fear within you becomes clear. When you are with somebody then the fear is forgotten in his company; you drown your fear in relationships.

It is because of this inner fear that sexual desire arises. And this sexual desire means that you are trying to fill your life with something so that you can avoid encountering this fear. You are trying to acquire money, position, prestige, love, so that the emptiness which you are afraid of will seem to be filled. This effort to fill your life on the outside manifests as attachment and the effort to fill yourself on the inside manifests as sexual desire.

Greed also comes out of fear: you should not lose what you have and you should get what you don’t have. You will go on clinging to your possessions, nothing should be taken away, and what you don’t already own should be given to you, not the smallest thing that you desire should be left out.

You will find that hidden behind this trinity of desire, attachment and greed is fear. And the most surprising thing is that when you were born you brought nothing with you, neither will you take anything away with you when you die. You come naked and you go naked, and in the time between you unnecessarily brandish your sword. You have nothing but you are very much afraid that thieves may take it.

Why are you so afraid of losing what you don’t have? There is a deep reason hidden within this fear: by creating this fear you convince yourself that you have something; otherwise why are people so interested in taking it? Try to understand this complex logic. First you think that someone is coming to steal from you and you don’t realize that you don’t have anything that can be stolen. Your hands are empty. What do you have? What does anyone have? And can what you really have ever be taken away? You yourself are it and there is no way for that to be stolen.

In reality, only what is not really yours can be taken away. It is only your illusion that you have it. But when someone comes close to you, you become afraid that perhaps he is coming to take something, and because of this fear you create the illusion, a feeling arises that you must have something. Otherwise why would he be coming to take it from you? You begin to do things to protect it. And when you start doing this protecting then the other person begins to think that you must be trying to take something from him also.

There is a very old story about Mulla Nasruddin. He was passing through a village and saw a marriage procession coming towards him with a music band, naked swords shining, people dancing. He became afraid, he thought that the enemy had arrived - swords and a music band! When there is fear then your eyes don't see what really is - he saw all the elements of a battle!

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