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Chapter 6: Understanding Comes in Mid-sentence

It went on - the story goes on to say - for one thousand years. Ten times Death came. And nine times he took some son and Yayati lived one hundred years more. The tenth time Yayati said, “Although I am still as unsatisfied as I was when you came for the first time, now - although unwillingly, reluctantly - I will go, because I cannot go on asking for favors. It is too much. And one thing has become certain to me, that if one thousand years cannot help me to be contented, then even ten thousand will not do.”

It is the attachment. You can go on living but as the idea of death strikes you, you will start trembling. But if you are not attached to anything, death can come this very moment and you will be in a very welcoming mood. You will be absolutely ready to go. In front of such a man, death is defeated. Death is defeated only by those who are ready to die any moment, without any reluctance. They become the immortals, they become the buddhas.

A moment’s hesitation when death comes and you will be under the spell of devils. Your real body, - your real being - is pure and impervious. But because of delusions, you are unaware of it. And because of this, you suffer in vain. Wherever you find delight, you find bondage. But once you awaken to your original being and no-mind, you are no longer bound by attachments.

This freedom is the goal of all religious search. Freedom from attachment is freedom from death. Freedom from attachment is freedom from the wheel of birth and death. Freedom from attachment makes you capable of entering into the universal light and becoming one with it. And that is the greatest blessing, the ultimate ecstasy beyond which nothing else exists. You have come home.