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Chapter 5: Character Kills

By cutting the attachments you have killed your ego.

That is Jesus’ meaning. He says: through your attachments, your ego exists and gets nourishment. Cut all the attachments and suddenly the ego collapses. It has nowhere to stand, nothing to be supported by. Suddenly it collapses, and in that collapse for the first time you are born. For the first time you are you - not somebody’s son, not somebody’s husband, not somebody’s father. For the first time you are simply there, in your absolute nakedness, purity, innocence. You are undefined - all definitions gone. Suddenly you start throbbing with a new heart; you become part of the whole. That small family that was surrounding you and creating a boundary is no longer there.

You became small because of the attachment of the family. You become vast once that attachment is transcended. That’s why Jesus uses a very strong word. He says “hate” because less than that won’t do.


While he yet talked
to the people,
behold, his mother and his brethren
stood without,
desiring to speak with him.

Many more things have to be understood. Jesus knows well that his mother and his brothers don’t understand him. They think, really, that he has gone a little crazy. Their own brother and he thinks that he is the son of God! Just think about your brother. If he starts thinking that he is the son of God and always talks about God who is in heaven, naturally you will think that he has gone out of his mind. You will seek the help of a psychiatrist; you will give him electric shocks to bring him back to earth.

Jesus’ relatives thought that he was beside himself: “He is a little eccentric, crazy, mad.” When he would go to his village, people would simply laugh, they would ridicule him. At the most they were amused, looking at this son of the carpenter, Joseph: “And now suddenly he thinks that he is the son of God” - and they know well whose son he is! “Just a few years ago, he was working with his father in the workshop: carrying wood from the forest, helping his father. And now suddenly he has gone mad. Poor Jesus!”

And that was the idea of his family too. They felt pity for him. So when somebody said, “Your brothers and your mother are waiting without, desiring to speak with you,” he knows what they are going to speak to him about. He knows that their whole effort is somehow to bring him back home and make him normal.

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