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Chapter 4: What Type of Heaven Is This?

I have no complaint against them, no grudge, I know it is natural. And I cannot do otherwise. When I see something is wrong, I have to say that it is wrong. When I see that something is deeply false. I have to say that it is false. Helping you is not something that I am doing for you; I cannot help doing it.

This has to be understood. Just as a light cannot help spreading light, a flower cannot help spreading fragrance, whatsoever the cost, and whatsoever the result - what I see I will have to say.

It is not a question of my decision to say or not to say. It is just like a flower opening and the fragrance spreading; whether people like it or not, that is not the point. If they like it, they will be helped soon; if they dislike it, they will be helped a little later, that’s all.

The second question.

When all I know of love is its attachments, how can I drop them? All I can see is the ego clinging to what it believes is love.

When you say “When all I know of love is its attachments, how can I drop them?” you are not rightly understanding your mind. If you really know that they are attachments, they drop. Then there is no question of how to drop them. The how comes only when the understanding is not ripe.

If you simply see that something is rubbish, you throw it! You are asking me: I know that these diamonds are not real diamonds, they are just false, imitations, how can I drop them? - you are asking this.

If you have seen to the fact, if you have realized the truth that they are false, is there any need to drop them? Is there any question possible of how to drop them? You simply drop them! That dropping is not even an effort on your part - it happens. Knowing well that this is useless, it drops. I would like to say: it drops itself, not that you drop it. When a falsity is known as falsity, it drops. When untruth is known as untruth, it drops.

How do you drop your dreams? You know they are dreams - they disappear. The moment you know that this is a dream it has already started disappearing.

You say: “When all I know of love is its attachments..” No, you don’t know, you are confused; you have been hearing me too long. I go on saying that what you call love is attachment, and I have put the idea in your mind that what you call love is attachment - this is not your understanding, this is my understanding. For you this is just information. Somebody else has told you. You may love me, you may trust me, so you take it for granted it must be true. But truth cannot be taken for granted, one has to grow into it.

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