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Chapter 9: One Step at a Time

Become aware of the state of your mind and start trying to change it. Take any one aspect and start working from there. Drop by drop the ocean can become full. Walking, inch by inch, the divine can be found. Just take one step at a time. I’m not asking you to do more than that. The divine can be found simply by taking one step at a time. And don’t think that you don’t have the capacity, that you will not be able to attain.

Somebody was saying to me, “I am weak, I don’t have much capacity. How am I to attain?”

However weak you are, everyone is capable of taking one step. And do I need to ask you.have even the most capable people ever taken more than one step at a time? Even the most capable have not taken more than one step at a time. And everyone is able to take one step at a time.

So take a step. And then take another step. You always have to take only one step. But someone who keeps on taking only one step at a time will cover infinite distances. And anyone who does not take a step because he thinks nothing much can happen by taking one step at a time will never reach anywhere.

So I invite you to take that one step. You have listened to my talks with so much love and with so much patience. I feel a great joy and gratitude for that. I am grateful to you. I am very grateful for the place you have given me in your hearts. For this, please accept my many, many thanks and my love.

Now we will sit for today’s last meditation experiment, and then we will say goodbye and leave. And I say goodbye to you with this hope: that when we meet again, I will find your silence has deepened and your bliss has grown; that you will have taken the step that I have asked you to take; that a few drops of the nectar will have entered you and that you will have come closer to deathlessness. May the divine give you the capacity to at least take one step. After that, the next steps will happen by themselves.

After the night meditation we will leave silently. In the morning I may not be able to see you as I will leave at five o’clock. So take this as my last farewell.

Each and every person please accept my greeting to the divine that dwells within you. Please accept my greetings.