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Chapter 10: Beyond Cause and Effect

Swami Ramateertha has told a small story: a lover went away to a far land and did not return. His beloved kept watching the road until she became tired, waiting and waiting. He wrote letters, saying again and again, “I am coming now,” “I am coming soon - this month, next month.” Years began to pass and finally the beloved got upset. There is a limit to waiting. She traveled to the distant city where her beloved was. She inquired the way and arrived at his house.

The door was open. It was evening, the sun had set. She stopped at the door and looked inside. For many days she had not seen her lover. He was sitting before her, but he was absorbed in deep concentration, he was writing something. He was so absorbed that the beloved felt to wait a little, not to interfere with him: who knows what threads of thought might be lost? He was so overwhelmed with emotion that tears were flowing from his eyes. He was writing something.

Then he lifted his eyes and saw: he couldn’t believe it, he was shocked. He had been writing a letter to his beloved. He was writing a letter to this one who had sat two hours in front of him! And she was waiting for him to lift his eyes.

He couldn’t believe it, he thought, “It must be an hallucination, it is an illusion, perhaps a sort of autohypnosis. I had such abundance of feeling for the beloved, perhaps that is why she is appearing like a dream. It must be an illusion.” He rubbed his eyes.

His beloved began to laugh. She said, “What are you thinking? Do you think I’m a mirage?”

He started trembling. He said, “But how did you come? I was writing a letter to you. Mad one - why didn’t you stop me? You were in front of me while I was writing you a letter!”

Existence is here in front of us and we are praying to become one with it - “Oh lord where art thou?” Tears are pouring from our eyes, but because of our wall of tears we don’t see what is in front of us. We are searching for it. We miss only because of our search.

Ashtavakra’s words are very clear. He says, “Stop this letter writing. Stop this practicing.”

Samadhi doesn’t happen. Yes, if samadhi were also a happening then it would happen by cause and effect. If it happened by cause and effect it would become an item in the market. Samadhi is virgin, untouched - it is not sold in the market.

Have you ever noticed that your market-oriented mind also brings enlightenment into the market? You think that if you do this much you will be enlightened.as if it is a business deal. If you do good deeds you will attain the divine itself. Your so-called religious people go on telling you this: do good deeds if you want to attain the divine. As if to attain the divine one has to do something.as if the divine will never be attained without doing something. As if one must pay the price to buy the divine - do this many good deeds, this much ascetic practice, this much meditation, this much reciting of prayers - only then you will attain.

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