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Chapter 2: Center and Periphery

So these are the three steps: knowing dies; knowing becomes knowledge; knowledge becomes character. Be aware - beware! Don’t allow your knowing to fall and to become knowledge. And never allow your knowledge to control you and to create a character for you. A character is an armor. In the armor you are jailed.then you can never be spontaneous. You are already in your grave - a character is a grave.

Let your knowing be there, but don’t allow it to become knowledge or character. The moment it is turning into knowledge, drop it, empty your hands. Forget all about it. Move ahead - again like a child. Difficult, I know, easy to say. Difficult to be that way - but that is the only way you can attain to sat chit anand - you can attain to truth, you can attain to consciousness, you can attain to bliss.

Yes, it is hard; one has to pay too much for it. But godliness is not cheap. You will have to pay with your whole being. Only when you have paid totally and you are not holding anything and you are not a miser, and you have sacrificed and surrendered yourself totally, will you attain. Godliness comes to you when you are not. When you have become just a zero, godliness comes to you. It is just waiting by the corner. The moment you become empty, it rushes towards you, it comes and fulfills you.

Don’t allow knowing to become knowledge and character. Then a totally different type of character will arise which will not be like the character you have seen in the world. It will be inner, a discipline which comes from the innermost core of your being - never forced, always spontaneous. It is not like a commandment: it is an organic growth. Godliness is your spontaneous organic growth.

Enough for today.