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Chapter 11: It Is Pure Light.Pure Delight

This gave an opportunity to the so-called religious people, because man has the capacity at least to fight against nature. He will never be victorious, but he can fight. And in fighting he will not be destroying nature; he will be destroying only himself.

That’s how man has destroyed himself - all his joy, all his love, all his grandeur - and has not become something higher than animals, but something lower, in every possible way. Perhaps you may have never thought about it: no animal in the wild is homosexual. The very idea, and the whole world of animals will burst into laughter. It is simply stupid! But in a zoo, where females are not available, animals turn into homosexuals out of sheer necessity.

Man has turned the whole world into a zoo: millions and millions of people are homosexuals, lesbians, sodomists, and what-not - all kinds of perversions. And who is responsible? The people who were teaching you to go beyond nature, to attain supernatural divineness.

This is only one example. In every other way they have done the same. For example, in India Mahavira was so much attached to the idea of nonviolence that even cultivation - gardening - was prohibited to his followers, because if you cultivate you will have to cut plants.and plants have life, and that will be violence.

His followers were mostly coming from the warrior race, the kshatriyas; he himself was a warrior king. Now they could not fight because fighting was violence; they could not be cultivators because cultivation was violence. They could not be teachers because that was the monopoly of the brahmins, and a brahmin is born; you cannot enter into the brahmin fold, howsoever wise you are. You may be wiser than all those brahmins, but you cannot become a teacher of the people - that is the birthright of a brahmin. So they could not be accepted by the brahmins. They would not like to become the sudras, the untouchables, making shoes, cleaning streets and toilets.

Now the only way possible for them was to become businessmen; all other possibilities were closed. So all the Jainas in India became businessmen, and a strange phenomenon happened: all their violence - because just by not being a fighter or a hunter or a cultivator makes no difference, you are the same person - all their violence became exploitation. They cannot cut off your head, but they can suck your blood. They became the richest people in the country, for the simple reason that all their violence became concentrated only on one thing, and that was money.

This was not evolution. These people were not better people. The teaching of nonviolence has not helped them to become better - they have become worse! They are the greediest, the most materialist, the most money-minded; their whole world is money, because every other avenue is closed. They talk about money, they think about money, they dream about money. They can do anything to accumulate money.

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