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Chapter 8: Beyond Mother’s Knees

Curiosity is not enough. You have to be ready. Sufis say that a master accepts you not because of your inquiry, he accepts you because of your preparation - and that is a totally different thing.

Just a few days ago a young man came and he said he would like to be initiated by me. I asked him, “Have you really decided?”

He said, “Fifty-fifty. Sometimes I feel like taking sannyas, and sometimes I don’t feel like entering into it, and I am at a loss. So I leave it to you, whatsoever you say.”

I told him, “You had better wait three days more. There is no hurry. Just wait for three days more, and let your mind come to a decision. But the decision must be a hundred percent.”

He came to a decision, and the decision must have been a hundred percent, because the next day he simply disappeared. He never came back, and I don’t think that he is going to come back again.

He was ready to be initiated - he was thinking that he was ready to commit himself, to enter the path - and just a three days’ postponement.. As I feel it, it is postponed for at least thirty lives. The man was not ready at all, not even a ray of light in him, not even a seed ever sown in his past lives, and he was ready to cut the crop, and he has never sown a single seed. But people remain in absolute unawareness. They don’t know that you cannot cut the crop if you have not sown the seed.

But a master has to see within you whether the possibility exists. When I accept anybody I have to see whether the possibility exists in this life, because I am not going to come back again, and it is better not to start work on you if you don’t have the potentiality to attain in this life.

You may not attain, you may miss, but I must be certain about the potentiality, the very possibility, because if I start a certain type of work in you, and I am no more there, it will be difficult for you to be adjusted with any other master. You will have a certain structure given by me, and that will create trouble. It is better not to start so that you are completely available for somebody else to work upon. When I am certain that this man can attain in this life, in this very life, only then I initiate. The man may not be aware of his possibilities. He may be completely oblivious of the type of work he has done in past lives.

You are very ancient ones, you are not new ones here. You have trodden the same Earth thousands of times. The Earth is new in comparison to you because you have been to other planets also. You have been eternally here. You have been millions of things. You are not a clean slate, much is written there. Many incomplete systems are alive there. I have to look: Is something possible in this life? - otherwise it will be more compassionate not to start the work, so that you remain open. Otherwise I can create trouble.

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