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Chapter 4: Get Out of Your Dreams

Patanjali brings you out by and by, by and by. He brings you out and you are not even aware of what he is doing. He is just like a mother. He does just the opposite, but just like the mother. A mother persuades a child into sleep. She may sing a lullaby to let the child feel she is there, that there is no need to be afraid. Repeating the same line again and again, the child feels seduced into sleep. He falls into sleep holding the hand of the mother, feeling no need to be worried. The mother is there and she is singing, and the singing is beautiful. And the mother is not saying, “Go to sleep,” because that will disturb. She is simply persuading indirectly. And then, by and by, she will take her hand away and she will cover the child with the blanket and move from the room, and the child is fast asleep.

Patanjali does just the same in the reverse order. By and by, he brings you out of your sleep. That’s why time is needed; otherwise the flower is already flowering. Look, it is already there! Open your eyes and it is there; open the door and he is standing there waiting for you. He has always been standing there. It depends on you. If you like shock treatment, then Zen is the path. If you like a very gradual process, then yoga is the path. Choose! In choosing also you are very deceptive. You say to me, “How can I choose?” That too is a trick. Every-thing is plain. If you need time, choose Patanjali. If you are afraid of shocks, choose Patanjali. But choose! Otherwise non-choosing will become the postponement. Then you say, “It is difficult to choose and unless I choose, how can I move?”

A shock treatment is immediate; it brings you down to the earth immediately. My own methods are shock treatment, they are not gradual. With me, you can hope to attain in this life; with Patanjali many lives will be needed. With me, you can hope to attain right now also, but you have many things to do before you attain.

You know ego will disappear, you know sex will disappear. There is no possibility of sex once you attain; it becomes absurd, silly. So you think, “A little more.what is wrong in waiting? Let me enjoy a little more.” Anger will not be possible, violence will not be possible, jealousy will not be there; possessiveness, manipulating - they all will disappear.

You suddenly feel, “If all these disappear, then what will I be?” - because you are nothing but a combination of all these, a bundle of all these, and if all these disappear, then only nothingness is left. That nothingness scares you. It looks like an abyss. You would like to close your eyes and dream a little more, just as in the morning you are awake but you would like to turn over just for five minutes and have a little more dream - it was so beautiful.

One night Mulla Nasruddin woke up his wife and told her, “Bring my specs immediately. I was having such a beautiful dream and more is promised.”

And desires go on promising - more is always promised - and they say, “Do this and that, and why be in a hurry when enlightenment is always possible? You can attain anytime; there is no hurry. You can postpone it. It is a question of eternity, a concern of eternity; why not enjoy this moment?

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