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Chapter 8: Just for Your Sake

Hence a great longing for respectability. You can attain it through money, you can attain it by renouncing money. You can attain it by eating too much or you can attain it by eating too little, by fasting. You can attain it by accumulating things or you can attain it by accumulating knowledge. But the whole idea is: you are looking in the others’ eyes to see how they are feeling about you. You can become very virtuous, very moral, just to attain a personality, but the personality is not going to fulfill you. And down the centuries the individuality has been destroyed, people are carrying personalities .

In these group psychotherapies about which you are asking me, and the people like Bion, Ezriel, Anzien, Pichon-Priviere, and their psychoanalysis - who goes to these people? The people who have lost contact with their beings, the people who are too much confined to their personalities and have no idea of any individuality. They are ready to become part of a group. They feel very at ease in becoming part of a group, because the moment they become part of a group they have no responsibility. They can relax, they have no anxiety. Now the group takes the responsibility.

That’s why people are Hindus and Christians and Mohammedans. Why? Why do people belong to rotten, utterly out-of-date, so-called ideologies? For a single reason: it gives you security, a feeling that you belong, that there are people who are with you - you are not alone. The Christian knows that millions of people are Christians. The Hindu knows that he is not alone, millions of people are with him - how can he be wrong? How can millions of people be wrong? He must be right. He knows nothing of what is right and what is wrong, but the crowd around him gives him the feeling that he does - a false feeling, obviously.

Truth has nothing to do with the crowd; truth has always been attained by individuals. A Buddha attains it, a Jesus, a Mohammed, a Moses, a Zarathustra. But they attain to truth when they are absolutely alone in their deep meditative states, when they forget all about the world and the other, when they are no more obsessed by the other in any possible way, when they are utterly alone drowning in their own consciousness and reaching the very bottom core of it. Then they know what truth is.

But the crowd keeps you away from yourself. The crowd is an escape from your real being. The crowd makes it possible for you to remain interested in others; it never allows you any self-encounter.

The groups in this commune have a totally different orientation. It is not to force you to become part of the group. On the contrary, the group is just a help for you to drop your personality and be individuals. If by dropping your individuality you become part of a group, you are committing suicide. And that’s what these people are helping people to do.

People are tired of themselves; they want to commit suicide. If they cannot commit suicide physiologically, at least psychologically they can commit it. They may not be courageous enough to really commit suicide, hence these group psychoanalysts are giving them ways to commit psychological suicide: “Become part of the group.”

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