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Chapter 7: Snowflakes as Beautiful as These

Have you ever tried running fast? If you run very fast, the very speed gives you an intoxication. That’s why there is so much addiction to speed. If you drive a car, the mind wants to go more and more and more and more fast. It makes you intoxicated. Speed releases certain chemicals in the body and in the blood; that’s why you would like to go on pressing the accelerator. More people die every year in car accidents than in a world war. The second world war was nothing, more people die every year in car accidents. People go on getting more and more speedy; then they become intoxicated. A moment comes when they are not in their minds and the speed has taken over.

Start running one day and just watch what happens - a moment comes when the speed takes over: that is the acceleration of speed. And just the opposite happens if you slow down. What is Buddha doing under the tree? - slowing down the speed, nothing else. What am I continuously teaching you? - slow down the speed. Come to a point where there is no speed within you, nobody running. In that moment awareness happens - you become enlightened.

And there are two poles: one is speed - then you are intoxicated, you become unconscious; the other is no speed - slowed down completely, totally, an absolute stop. Suddenly you become enlightened.

This is the first thing to be understood: slow down your speed. Eat slowly, walk slowly, talk slowly, move very very slowly, and by and by you will come to know the beauty of inactivity, the beauty of passivity. Then you are not intoxicated, you are completely aware and conscious.

The second thing: you cannot pose as an enlightened man. Many people try it and they can also deceive many others, because fools are everywhere. But you cannot pose before a man who knows, you cannot deceive one who knows himself. There is no possibility, because he can look into you; you become transparent. Never try to pose. But the mind is so cunning - even if you come to a master you try to pose before him. You would like to show your knowledge, you would like to show that you have attained something. And the very effort to show shows that nothing has been attained, because when one attains the exhibitionist disappears; then you don’t pose. Then you are simply there; wherever you are you are there. And remember continuously, because even a single moment of unawareness and the mind starts posing. It has become a routine habit.

Once Mulla Nasruddin’s doctor told him, “Now you are behaving absolutely madly. You are going to kill yourself, and I warn you for the last time that you are behaving in a suicidal way. I have told you: now stop all irregular habits. Live a regular life, otherwise you will die soon.”

Nasruddin said, “But I have always lived a regular life.”

The doctor said, “Who are you trying to deceive? Just the other night I saw you coming out of a prostitute’s house in the middle of the night, and the way you were walking I could see you were completely drunk. So who are you trying to deceive?”

Nasruddin laughed loudly and he said, “But that is my regular habit. I have always lived a regular life.”

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