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Chapter 3: Return to Your Source

One who initiates you must have attained to at least the first. If he has not attained to the first, initiation is just bogus. This is on the part of the master: that he should have attained to the first satori.

And much is needed on the part of the disciple, because unless the disciple is ready - through deep meditation and purification, through deep catharsis and cleansing - even if the master is there, you will not allow him to put your pot right-side up. You will resist, you will not surrender, you will not be in a let-go. The disciple needs to be in deep trust, only then can the master do something in the innermost being of the disciple. It is a great turning, a conversion, so much is needed on the part of the disciple. Only then is initiation possible.

I was just reading a story about a seeker who went to see Bayazid, a great master. The seeker asked, “Please allow me to be a part of your family.”

Bayazid said, “But there are requirements to be fulfilled. If you really want to be a disciple, there are many duties you will have to do.”

The seeker asked, “What are the duties?”

The master said, “First, the winter is coming. You will have to go to the forest and chop wood for the winter and collect wood. Then you start working in the kitchen. And after that, I will show you what to do.”

The seeker said, “But I am in search of truth. How is it going to help to work in the forest and chop wood? What connection is there between chopping wood and attaining to truth? And working in the kitchen? What do you mean? I am a seeker.”

The master said, “Then you seek somewhere else, because you will have to listen to me. And howsoever absurd the demand you will have to fulfill it. That’s how you will become ready for let-go. I know chopping wood has nothing to do with truth, but to be ready to chop it because the master has said it, has something to do with truth. I know working in the kitchen has nothing to do with truth: so many people are working, every housewife is working - if that was the way to attain, then everybody would attain. It has nothing to do with truth, but when I say that you have to do it, you have to do it in deep love and trust. That will prepare you, that has something to do with truth. But I cannot reveal that to you right now; you will have to wait.”

Reluctantly the seeker said, “Okay, but I would also like to know what are the duties of a master?”

The master said, “The duty of the master is to sit around and order.”

The disciple said, “Then please help me to become a master, train me to become a master. I am ready.”

The ego is always seeking its own enhancement. And the ego is the barrier, because of the ego, your pot is upside down. The rain goes on falling and you remain empty.