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Chapter 4: A Pure Flame of Love

This is what I am saying to you. It is only after finding the divine that we discover that there is only one thing of benefit in the whole world - and that is the divine itself. Everything else is useless. But this realization comes only after you have tasted it. Right now, all you should do is to ask again and again, “What do I have in my life right now?” Take your life and examine everything. Open up everything and see what is there. You will find that there is nothing there, that there is a dead silence there, an absolutely blank silence! It is because of this emptiness that you become ambitious and you want to fill it with wealth, with high position - with anything at all. You are empty, and you want to fill yourself with anything you can find.

This inner emptiness gnaws at you. You can try to fill it as much as you want, but you won’t be able to - because you cannot take the outer wealth inside, you cannot take your status, your position inside. However big your house may be, however big your shop may be, you cannot take it inside you. The only one who can go inside you is the divine, because it is already there. And once you begin to see it, then you will start feeling the pull to go within yourself.

To be full within is to have attained to the divine. And when you are completely full inside, totally full, then there is contentment, satisfaction, satiation, truth, consciousness and bliss.

Enough for today.