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Chapter 6: Out of Chaos Stars Are Born

So I am going to destroy everything that divides man from man. And I want them to be just human beings, purely available to all kinds of societies. And wherever they go they can spread the fragrance that they have attained.

This will open doors for many people to come into the commune, to become sannyasins. There have been thousands of people who wanted to become sannyasins; just one fear, that they will lose their job if they go in red and wearing a mala; they may lose their wife, they may lose their parents - and other human concerns.

I have one million sannyasins, and perhaps five times more people would have been sannyasins. Now I am opening doors for the others who have up to now been only sympathizers.

How come now? Why did you have people start wearing red in the first place?

It was needed in the beginning. It has served its purpose well; it became a world movement, unique in itself. There was no comparison with this movement.

Now we have made the mark, there is no need to carry it any more. Unnecessary.

You figure you’ve got a million sannyasins around the world now?

One million sannyasins are there.

You expect most people to stop wearing red?

I don’t expect; only few, not most. Mostly nobody goes out. And I have left it to them. It is their decision. If they want to go in red, that is their freedom. Who I am to decide for them?

Do you need more sannyasins now?

I don’t care about numbers, but there are going to be more.

Is that good or bad as far as you’re concerned, having more sannyasins?

It is perfectly good. I would like the whole world.

But you don’t care about numbers?

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