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Chapter 8: The Synthesis of Love and Meditation

So whatsoever you are doing here are really not meditations. They are just situations through which I would like you -o see; they are just preparations for the meditation. We call them meditations, because they prepare you for the right meditation. That is just clearing the ground, just cleansing the ground: they are not real meditations, because real meditations cannot be done, as real love cannot be done. It happens. You are simply cleaning your mindbody; you are purifying yourself so that you can become a vehicle, so that you can be possessed. Then whatsoever you do, you do meditatively.

There have been stories of people who are robbers, or butchers, who have attained to enlightenment. But they attained, because whatsoever they did was meditative. I have heard one Taoist story..

One emperor of China had a butcher; and he always loved to see him whenever he came to kill the animals for his kitchen. The emperor would come and see and watch, because the whole thing was so beautiful - such an ugly thing, but the butcher was so beautiful. He did it as if he was doing a prayer; he did it as if he was in deep ecstasy. And for thirty years the emperor watched and watched, and he was never fed up. Every day he waited with great excitement: the butcher would be coming. The butcher carried a certain climate around him, as if he was going to the temple to pray to God - and he was just going to kill animals. First he would pray; then he would talk to the animal; then he would thank the animal. And when he killed the animal, each of his gestures had a tremendous beauty of its own. The emperor used to watch.

One day he asked, “I have been watching you for twenty years. I am never fed up; every day I wait excitedly - I don’t wait so excitedly for anything else in the twenty-four hours. What is the secret of it?”

The butcher said, “Because it is meditation for me. I am a butcher: that is the way God has willed me to be. I was born the son of a butcher: that’s how God has willed me to be. This is my life, and I have made it a meditation. If God wants me to be a butcher, let it be so. But I should be meditative, so this is my meditation. I go into deep ecstasy; it is not just an activity: it is an act of love. God is there in the animal, God is in me; and God wants to kill God himself. Perfectly okay. Who am I to interfere? I simply become a vehicle; I am simply possessed.”

There are stories of people who were robbers and thieves, who have also attained. What was their secret? Just the same. And I know people who have lived in a Himalayan retreat for their whole life, and have not attained to anything. It is not a question of quantity - how much you do. the question is how you do it - not how much: what quality you bring to it. You can just walk and it can be meditative; you can just sit and it can be meditative; you can eat and it can be meditative; and you can just take a shower and it can be meditative. Try to understand this.

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